A Week In The Life of Talent Path

Week 1
by Vismaya Kondapalli

When I graduated college, I wanted an opportunity for growth. I am a member of the most recent class of the Talent Path. Our team is choosing to write to share with you, future candidates, the reality of what life in the Talent Path is like. I hope you see the value that I saw and I also hope that these articles from our team provide you value in your technology career path, the Talent Path.

One of the best things about Talent Path is that since we will be working directly with predetermined clients, we become very familiar about our client’s business model and their industry right from the beginning.

Starting from day 1 of training, we are introduced to our client’s business model, and their competitors so that we have a big picture and detailed understanding of our client and where they are in the industry. This week has been really cool to have executives from our client company and other companies come in and talk to us about different aspects, such as tech advancements in Oil and Gas, Oil Trading and Supply Chain etc. We also learned about the oil industry in a very interactive way. We actually went to tour the Museum of Natural Science’s Wiess Energy Hall, and got to understand upstream, midstream and downstream parts, and see how they all connect. We also toured a chemical company called Flotek, and we are able to build an understanding of not just their business model, but also learn the importance of effective communication skills.

I believe it’s very important to have a good understanding of not just our client’s business, but also the industry they are in to come up with innovative, relevant solutions for our clients.

About Talent Path

Talent Path brings the technology training & education of career-minded people together with clients in need of technology professionals for the long-term success of their companies. We hire top graduates in key academic disciplines, then provide them with specific “Last Mile Training” in critical and hard-to-find technology skillsets. Talent Path graduates are work ready day one and able to step into roles with companies looking for technical resources with key technology skills.

Talent Path, is a division of Genuent, one of the nation’s leading technology staffing & solutions firms focused on driving the careers of masterful technologists. Founded in 2006, we have played a key role in sourcing, staffing, hiring, and developing technology resources within clients of all sizes and industries.