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Talent Path provides select college graduates, across a range of academic disciplines, with the “Last Mile” Training needed to successfully attain great technology jobs with America’s leading companies. Talent Path provides employers with purpose-trained, driven entry-level talent – with critical and hard-to-find technology skillsets, industry expertise and great soft skills – ready on day one and positioned to become tomorrow’s technology leaders.

Talent Path, is a division of Genuent, one of the nation’s leading technology talent firms focused on driving the careers of masterful technologists. Founded in 2006, we have played a key role in sourcing, hiring, and developing technology resources across employers of all sizes and industries. Our talent look to Genuent as a key source for unique and challenging professional opportunities, and to enhance their careers as application developers, information security professionals, project managers, business analysts, infrastructure specialists and more.


  • Julie Olson
    Managing DirectorTalent Path
    Julie joined Genuent in January of 2018 as Managing Director of Talent Path which aims to solve the widening technology talent gap by providing junior resources with immersive training in in-demand technologies. She is responsible for working collaboratively with clients to identify opportunities to align Talent Path curricula and consultants to solve their real-world talent acquisition challenges and business problems. Additionally, Julie is passionate about and responsible for diversity within the Talent Path consultant base which ultimately translates to helping clients meet their own diversity goals.

    Julie’s former positions include roles with Experis and Slalom Consulting. Julie’s alma mater is Arizona State University. She has volunteered for organizations such as Women in Technology, ASUG, and the Tableau User Group. Julie is a 2018 recipient of the Staffing Industry Analysts 40 Under 40 recognizing her as one of the leading professionals in the talent community.

  • Jeff Frey
    Executive Director Technology Solutions
    Jeff focuses on developing the educational track structures and content which prepare junior resources to help organizations solve pressing business and technology challenges. By complementing university curricula with real world industry knowledge, practical professional skills and behaviors, and emotional intelligence, Jeff helps Talent Path talent cover the “last mile” between college and career.

    Jeff is a recognized leader in global management, emerging technologies, and real-world education.
    • Executive positions in oil & gas, healthcare, other industries
    • Fortune 100 innovation and emerging technology agreements
    • Curriculum design for Masters level University business degrees
    • Management, Leading Change and Technology professor and lecturer
    • Ph.D., in Sustainable Systems from Case Western University
    • MBA – Rice University; MS in Computer Science – Kent State University

  • Ryan Szala
    Executive University Relations
    Ryan joined Genuent in August of 2018, as Executive, University Relations of the Talent Path division. Ryan is responsible for creating and maintaining strategic partnerships with universities in order to build career pathways for graduates by providing them with “Last Mile” training lessening the skills gap between education and technology. He will oversee Talent Path’s university relations striving to help their graduates in avoiding the growing problem of underemployment in technology.

    He has over ten years of experience building partnerships that leverage customized learning solutions to bridge talent gaps and develop the capabilities of new and existing employees. Ryan has managed operations and provided relationship oversight for strategic talent solutions focused on employee recruitment, retention, and advancement.

    Most recently, Ryan worked for Pearson Online Learning as Vice President of Strategic Partnerships and held consultant and sales management roles at Strayer Education, Option One, and Proxicom. His alma mater is George Mason University. Ryan is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP®).

  • Melissa Peak
    Executive Director of Corporate Partnerships
    Melissa joined the Genuent team in October of 2018 as Executive Director of Corporate Partnerships for Talent Path. She is responsible for and passionate about creating an employer partner network hungry for fresh solutions to their IT talent needs. With over 20 years of experience helping companies creatively recruit, develop, retain and promote talent, her teams have had wild success serving the Insurance, US Federal Government, US State Government, Financial Services, Healthcare, Insurance, Hospitality, Security and Manufacturing industries. Recognized as a thought-leader in innovative talent solutions, Melissa has presented on numerous panels and thought-leadership forums across the US.

    Melissa calls Goshen, KY home where she lives with her husband and five children. A life-long learner, she holds an MBA from the John Sperling School of Business and is currently completing an Executive Certificate in Strategy and Innovation at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

    Melissa has held multiple Board Appointments including her current role as Vice-Chair of the Board for Kid’s Cancer Alliance, and as Chair of the Governance Committee for National Association of MBAs. Her favorite quote is by Nelson Mandela: “It always seems impossible, until it’s done.”


For years, Genuent has been committed to two parallel goals: helping employers find the right technology talent; and helping our consultants launch and thrive in their technology careers.

But in recent years, employers have increasingly struggled to find the talented technologists they need, while talent – particularly early in their careers – isn’t receiving the specific training they need to qualify for these opportunities. At the same time, there are millions of technology jobs that go unfilled even as all enterprises continue to digitize their business processes and launch new technology-dependent products and services. For the past decades, America has leveraged immigration as a means to the bridge these skills; however, today that option is coming under increasing scrutiny. As a result, employers aren’t seeing enough technology talent to fill the gap.

The need for “Last Mile” Training has become clear. Colleges and universities continue to produce superb graduates with strong cognitive skills – critical thinking, problem solving, situational judgment; however, this does little good to the approximately 45% of college graduates who are underemployed in their first job. New research shows that if you’re underemployed in your first job, you’re likely to be underemployed five and ten years later. Careers are path dependent.

Our Challenge

We viewed this technology skills gap as a challenge and Talent Path is our solution. It's the right strategy for employers and our new talent.

Recruit, Train. Future.

Talent Path recruits qualified talent from college and university partners with a strong set of cognitive and soft skills then provides ``Last Mile`` Training on the technologies and skills employers need today. Talent Path works with students graduating with or without technology degrees, former military, as well as underemployed and unhappily employed professionals seeking to launch a new career in technology.

Graduate's Perspective

College graduates worked hard, studied broadly, gained knowledge and critical thinking skills that benefit them. But, they lack work crucial experience within specific technologies employers are seeking. How do they get great first technology jobs if no one gives them a chance to learn the skills? Graduates are willing to dedicate themselves, work hard and learn what is needed to be successful in their career path, but they need a mentor, a guide, a partner, someone willing to invest in them.

Employer's Perspective

Employers have increasingly technology dependent business challenges. Budgets challenge their ability to pay at the level required to attract the few, well-qualified available resources. Few employers are equipped to take the risk of bringing in unproven junior talent, hoping that they’ll work out. However, when presented with an unconstrained supply of purpose-trained, driven, and less expensive entry-level talent, employers are excited to give new talent a try.

University's Perspective

Universities are under increasing pressure to provide graduates with access to career launching job opportunities. They know that students no longer buy the line that universities prepare them for their fifth job, not their first job. Students know that if they don’t get a great first job, they’re probably not getting a great fifth job. Universities need innovative solutions that help graduates find great first jobs to set them up for prosperous professional journeys.