College students of the future could get their career prep from private companies, not universities

The high cost of college means higher education is ripe for innovation, but risks abound

Written by:Jillian Berman

Published in: MarketWatch

The college experience means many things to many people — it can be a place to make lifelong friends, expand the mind or learn some of the skills associated with participating in a democracy.

Still, over the past few decades, policymakers, employers, parents and students have all coalesced around one goal they believe college should achieve: Preparing students for a decent career.

But for Sally Chiu, a 22-year-old who graduated University of Houston last year, her degree in management information systems wasn’t enough to help her land a job. “Every single day I was sending applications, five, 10 times,” Chiu said. “I would land an interview here and there, but I guess I wasn’t up to par for what they’re looking for.”

So when Chiu received an email advertising an opportunity where she could get paid while learning crucial job skills, she jumped at the chance.

Now, after several months working for TalentPath, a company that trains entry-level talent and then hires them out to companies, Chiu picked up valuable skills like how to translate technical jargon into lingo that she can present to executives and the best ways to navigate tricky workplace email etiquette. [Read the complete article…]