Highest Paying Jobs in Technology 2019

Talent Path is here to help you launch your career in tech and one of the best ways we can help do that is to keep you up to date on where the highest paying jobs in technology in 2019 exist. Whether there is a certain niche, field, or company hiring, we’ll be in the know.

Competition for the highest paying jobs in technology is tough, so making the smoothest transition into the workforce is extremely important. Our process at Talent Path is to help you find the highest paying jobs in tech and then place you there as a Consultant. While you’re there, you’ll be learning on-the-job skills and gaining valuable experience making your transition easier and making it much more likely that you’ll be keeping that high paying tech job.

We know you may have a range of skills and interests within the tech industry, so we’re not listing these in any particular order.

Data scientist

First on our list of the highest paying jobs in technology 2019, with a median annual salary being reported in the range of $108,000 to $121,00 is the role of Data Scientist. Duties range from company to company, but you’ll be expected to use your understanding of data and statistics to collect, organize, and analyze large sets of information to make recommendations.

Software engineer

Software engineers combine their knowledge of programming languages with their knowledge of engineering principles to design, create and maintain software and systems. Most companies hire entry-level software engineers at a range of $104,000 – $124,000 with the opportunity to move into a management role where median salaries are around $163,000 annually.

DevOps Engineer

This is another title with duties specific to the hiring company. This is probably the reason there is a large salary spectrum ranging from $106,000 to $137,000 annually. DevOps is short for Development and Operations and will require you to work with an IT team to develop, implement, and make changes to software and systems.

Information Systems Security Manager

One of the most sought after and highest paying IT jobs is an Information Systems Security Manager position (median annual salary of $139,000). As an ISS Manager, you’re required to have excellent leadership abilities as well as a background in systems and network security as well as upper-level certifications.

Data Engineer

Data engineers build and maintain the systems that handle large to extremely large amounts of data. Their duties include acquiring, organizing, and filtering data so that it can be used by the people who need to work with the data. If this is one of the highest paying jobs in tech that you’re interested in, you’re looking at a salary range of $100,000 to $155,000 annually.

Enterprise Architect

On the upper end of the highest paying jobs in tech is the Enterprise Architect. This title comes with a median salary of $145,000 and the responsibility of working with management and subject matter experts (SME) to develop the company’s IT strategy and ensure it aligns with the organization’s business functions.

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