By 2020, millions of critical technology roles will go unfilled due to sharp increases in demand and a higher education paradigm that doesn’t fully prepare young talent for the realities of the technology workforce.

Talent Path bridges that gap and brings you the work-ready
IT talent you need to fill critical entry-level roles.

Exceptional talent trained in the most in-demand technologies and skills
Lower cost alternative to traditionally sourced resources
Zero-risk approach to a purpose built technology talent pipeline
Our consultant base reflects our commitment to diversity in tech
Able to run custom cohorts trained on your technology stack



Exhaustive, multi-dimensional screening process identifies top candidates with both the aptitude and grit to succeed.


12-week immersive learning in core technology and consulting fundamentals provided by professional trainers and real-world technologists.


Our work-ready, certified consultants are placed with you on a contract basis so there’s no risk or upfront talent development investment.


Upon completion of their Talent Path commitment, these proven resources are available to join your team as full time employees.

Most every organization has felt the effects of talent scarcity resulting from the disconnect between colleges and universities that struggle to align with workforce requirements, and the pressing technology needs of employers. Additionally, the expectations of young talent are misaligned with the market due to a lack of information and guidance to help steer their academic journeys. The result is a substantial gap between current entry-level IT worker demand and qualified, available early career talent.

Talent Path offers a truly unique approach to hiring early career technology talent to fill these important roles that lowers both the risk and cost. By hiring and developing high potential talent to map to known gaps at our clients, we provide the sought-after talent they need while creating new IT career pathways for young professionals. Our professional consultants are work-ready upon completion of their technology track. Ultimately, our customers hire these resources who have proven themselves in their roles.

We’d love to learn more about you and your organization and discuss where our mission intersects with yours.

Sourcing and Qualification

Our multi-dimensional, exhaustive process is designed to ensure our talent development investments do the most good for both our customers and candidates by focusing our efforts on the highest potential talent.

Talent Path sources holistically using digital and traditional techniques including through our network of University Partners and on-campus presences.

Our initial resume screen identifies the most likely fits for the program based on key characteristics, experience, and qualifications.

A phone screening then narrows down the field further using a number of qualifying key questions.

An in-person interview determines which candidates possess the subjective traits and grit and motivation to proceed to the final stage.

A final stage includes formal Technology Screening and Behavioral Assessments narrowing down the field to 15 to 25 candidates who will make up each Talent Path cohort.

Benefits of Partnering with Talent Path
  • Our approach produces the purpose-trained resources you need without the upfront investment or risk
  • Our model provides a “try before you buy” opportunity – so your eventual hires are a sure thing based on past performance
  • Exhaustive candidate screening ensures ideal fit and reduces chances of turnover long-term
  • No recruiting, training, or retention costs – you just get amazing talent purpose-trained in your technology stack
  • Holistic learning which includes business acumen and consulting fundamentals ensures immediate productivity and minimal ramp-up
  • Our focus on fostering diversity in tech means you benefit from the diversity of our consultant base – and helps you achieve your own diversity goals


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