How I Launched My Technology Career – Muneeza Anees

by Muneeza Anees

When I began looking for a technology job after graduation, every job required experience. I kept asking potential employers how I would get the technology experience in my field if I never land the first job. And, then the opportunity arrived when I had the pleasure to speak with Emily. She told me about this exciting three-month long journey of technology learning, career readiness training and more. I chose this program because it offered the experience and technology training I needed to move my technology career forward.

Shortly after joining the Talent Path team, I knew that I made the right decision because everyone was very welcoming and working towards the same goal to make us successful business analysts. In addition to my previous experience, with the Talent Path technology training, I received the corporate culture experience that is crucial for any business analyst entry level position. Along with acquiring soft skills, I gained comprehensive knowledge of building meaningful dashboards through programs such as Power BI, Tableau and others, as well as compelling story telling skills. I received a lot of great feedback as well that helped push me forward. I learned how to approach my new position and bring value to our clients right away.

Talent Path is the launch of my technology career and gives me the opportunity to be ahead of the game from new comers entering the business world. Going forward, I know that choosing Talent Path has allowed me to grow my technology skills in ways that will benefit the companies I work for in the future.

It is so impressive that we are going beyond the technical and into the skills that we need to be prepared for the real-world work environment. From presentation skills to communication skills to business skills and processes and more, I am already feeling ready for my new role. If you hear that you need experience and you want to get into a technology career, then Talent Path is the program for you.

About Talent Path
Talent Path brings last-mile education for early career talent together with clients in need of technology professionals to fill critical roles. We hire top graduates in key academic disciplines, then provide them with specific learning experiences in sought-after technology skillsets. Talent Path consultants are work ready day one and able to step into roles possessing both the technical and power skills to succeed long term. Talent Path is a division of Genuent, one of the nation’s leading technology staffing & solutions firms. Founded in 2006, Genuent has played a key role in sourcing, staffing, hiring, and developing technology resources within clients of all sizes and industries