My Technology Career – Past, Present and Future

by Jacob Brijalba – Jr. Business Analyst

I know Talent Path was the right choice for me because they provided hands-on technology training that would take years to learn in an entry-level position. Not only did we learn and practice with many different business analysis tools – we also focused on essential interpersonal skills.

If you are just starting out in your technology career and want to hear from someone who was in your shoes just a few months ago, then you should read on. I want to share with you what I originally hoped to get out of Talent Path, what I actually received from Talent Path, and what I think this program will do for my career going forward.

What I hoped…
At first, I was very unsure about the whole process. Coming straight out of college – many companies expect years of experience that I do not have. It seemed too good to be true when I was told Talent Path was like a free graduate program where I was a paid employee while learning. I wanted to gain the additional technology knowledge that we don’t receive in our traditional university education. I was considering going to grad school anyways, but I knew it would be very expensive to do so. On top of that – I was not 100% sure what I would be getting out of it. With Talent Path, being able to get paid and get the same type of education was a win-win situation. I knew I needed the technical skills, but needed additional soft skills as well like presenting, confidence talking with executives, and much more.

What you think you got out of Talent Path?
There were many benefits to choosing Talent Path. When it comes to the different technologies, we both learned and dove into the various programs immediately. With technologies such as Tableau, SQL and Power BI, we spent a week or two with each one and had a hands-on approach to learning. Another aspect we learned about were soft skills and business etiquette including things as granular as not grabbing your phone in meeting to take a shot of a slide without making sure people knew what I was doing. My presentation skills also greatly improved because we did a lot of presenting. The first few times I presented I was nervous, but after practicing more during the program, I started to feel very comfortable. By the end of Talent Path, I was excited to be presenting in front of my classmates as well as the CEO of the company.

One of my favorite things that I took out of this program was the feedback and self-reflection portion of the class. No one likes to hear negative feedback, but Talent Path taught us how to take that negative feedback and look at it from a different angle to help us grow from the advice given to us. Monthly there were performance reviews, self-reviews, and instructor reviews. It wasn’t just about telling us what we were doing wrong – if I was doing something wrong they would lead me in another route, so I could come up with another solution that fits.

What I get moving forward…
When we are meeting with clients, the first person I will be in contact with is usually a VP, CIO, or IT director. This program has given me the confidence to talk with them as peers. Before, I probably would not have had that confidence. In the future, when I do start to do work with a client, I won’t be nervous about discussing the business and how to make it better. When it comes to scoping and requirement gathering for a client, although all things come with experience, I do feel as though I am well prepared. We did a project at the end that really showed me the importance of fact finding in the beginning and how skewed the information can get the more levels you add to it. That taught me that documentation and communication need to be done as efficiently as possible in order to get the right answers.

Overall Talent Path has been an amazing experience where I have been able to learn so much. From the different technologies, to presentation skills and other soft skills; I know I am going to be well prepared for my professional IT career. Thanks to Talent Path I know I am ready to face anything.

About Talent Path
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