Our academic stakeholders are indispensable partners in our mission to connect high potential talent with the knowledge and skills they need to launch a career in technology, help them avoid the pitfall of early career underemployment, and place them in roles that fill a widening tech talent gap.

It all begins with our university partners.

Program Features
  • Absolutely no cost to university partners or recent graduates (in fact, graduates are paid from day one)
  • We hire and train them – so they can commit to and stay focused on learning
  • Immersive, hands-on technology and consulting learning experience delivered by proven instructors and accomplished technologists
  • Contact hours equivalent to approximately 11 courses – roughly the same as many masters programs
  • A practical approach to learning that blends traditional training with simulations and real-world business projects
  • Curriculum covers everything from the technology itself to how to work within their target function and navigate the work environment
  • Talent Path consultants leave the immersive learning program with a complete skill set – both core and power skills – and ready for assignments with some of the world’s most recognizable brands

University Partners