Technology and Careers


We work with recent grads or people early in their career who want to develop a specific technology roadmap. Talent Path focuses on providing candidates with three months of immersive training with highly experienced technical professionals in both emerging and critical, hard-to-find skills such as Java, Blockchain, Data Visualization, Angular / React, Cloud and IT Service Management.

During the 90-day program, Talent Path employs a practical approach to learning, blending traditional training with simulations and real-world business projects. Associates master new technologies, project management and are introduced to the industry in which they’ll work. They are guided by instructors that are hands-on technologists and subject matter experts in their field assisting them from day one to final certification.

But, what’s unique is that there’s no tuition. On day one of training, associates are employees of Talent Path with traditional compensation and benefits. As a result, only the most qualified graduates are accepted into the program. In return for the free immersive training program, associates are asked to commit to their studies, complete their tracks, and honor their client assignments for two years.


Let’s face it, talent with these technology skills are in high demand and that’s the benefit of this program.

And, for that reason, our graduates have a guaranteed, long-term assignment with a client, well before starting their tracks. Employers want to work with our graduates and commit in advance. Employers are also typically local to graduates: Talent Path aims to train locally and place associates locally.

What’s more, when the assignment is complete, employers are encouraged to convert associates to full-time employees, and they typically do. And so, Talent Path isn’t only a great first job, it’s a launching pad to a great career in technology with America’s top companies.

Graduate's Perspective

College graduates worked hard, studied broadly, gained knowledge and critical thinking skills that benefit them. But, they lack work crucial experience within specific technologies employers are seeking. How do they get great first technology jobs if no one gives them a chance to learn the skills? Graduates are willing to dedicate themselves, work hard and learn what is needed to be successful in their career path, but they need a mentor, a guide, a partner, someone willing to invest in them.

Employer's Perspective

Employers have increasingly technology dependent business challenges. Budgets challenge their ability to pay at the level required to attract the few, well-qualified available resources. Few employers are equipped to take the risk of bringing in unproven junior talent, hoping that they’ll work out. However, when presented with an unconstrained supply of purpose-trained, driven, and less expensive entry-level talent, employers are excited to give new talent a try.

University's Perspective

Universities are under increasing pressure to provide graduates with access to career launching job opportunities. They know that students no longer buy the line that universities prepare them for their fifth job, not their first job. Students know that if they don’t get a great first job, they’re probably not getting a great fifth job. Universities need innovative solutions that help graduates find great first jobs to set them up for prosperous professional journeys.