The Top 10 Information Technology Jobs for 2019

The United States is adding information technology jobs at a rapid pace. According to a recent report from The Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA), over 260,000 information technology jobs were added between 2017 and 2018; an increase of 2.3 percent.

The need for information technology workers is projected to continue increasing and we’d like to help you tailor your skillset to ensure you’re one of the top talents on any company’s hire list. To help we’ve made a list of the top information technology jobs for 2019.

Hardware Engineer

Hardware engineers deal with the physical components of computers. They’re the ones who work on the actual design, building or upgrading computer hardware. Hardware engineers work with other tech pros to meet the advanced needs of evolving software.

Hardware engineers are typically required to obtain a computer engineering or electrical engineering degree before moving over to hardware design. You can expect a median salary of $77K – $85K, with a higher salary range if you obtain your master’s degree.

Computer Network Architect

Computer network architects have the know-how to design, build, and implement a computer or data network across a wide array of settings. They’ll work with local area networks, wide area networks, or an organization’s intranet to connect systems in between offices, across buildings, cities, or even countries.

Computer network architects must have a degree in computer science, computer engineering, or information systems. The median salary for computer network architects is between $116k – $146K.

Information Security Analyst

Information security analysts protect our personal and business data from being exposed to the wrong people. As an information security analyst, you’ll work to develop and implement security systems and procedures which ensure our vital information is safe from cyber attacks or cyber warfare.

Information security analysts will most likely have a degree in information security, network security, computer science or a related field. The median salary range for information security analysts is $70K – $83K and job growth in this field is projected to grow a staggering 18 percent over the next few years.

Computer Systems Analyst

A computer systems analyst is a highly trained professional within an IT team that can be called upon to evaluate a company’s computer systems and procedures for efficiency and other objectives. The analyst will then be able to recommend, develop, and implement their strategy to maximize the return on investment of a company’s IT budget.

This field is also predicted to be one of the most sought after information technology jobs in 2019. With a degree in computer information systems, computer science, information technology or related fields, you can expect a median salary of $66K – $90K. Computer systems analysts may also obtain an MBA to better understand a business’ needs.

Database Administrator

Database administrators organize and manage an organization’s data. They ensure the data is stored and easily accessible by those who need it, at the time they need it. They make sure both hardware and software are properly cared for and maintained as well as help to ensure data security for their organization.

If you would like to pursue a career as a database administrator you should obtain a degree in database administration, computer science, information technology or related fields. You can expect a median salary of $70K – $80K with database administrators who have specialized training in management systems commanding higher salaries.

Network & Computer Systems Administrator

Nearly every business needs a network of more than one computer to conduct business operations and meet their goals. Network and computer systems administrators set up, maintain, and repair these networks to keep information flowing at all times. System Admins also help with network security as well as optimizing the network’s efficiency to maximize the company’s investment

Network and computer systems administrators can expect a median salary range of $57K – $77K after earning their degree in network administration or computer science. They can increase their opportunities with specialized network certifications.

Cloud Architect

Cloud architects help companies transition from on-premise servers to cloud-based storage solutions. They’ll develop the company’s cloud structure and then work with business analysts or computer systems analysts to make sure the cloud architecture is in line with the organization’s requirements and goals. They must know enterprise architecture and have an expert level understanding of service-oriented architecture.

Cloud architects should have a degree in computer science, information systems or information technology and can expect a median salary of $100K – $120K. Salaries can increase greatly with extended training, specialization, and certifications.

Mobile App Developer

More of us use our phones as a tool to help navigate the day, rather than just a device to communicate with. They’ve become an important part of our culture and lifestyle and we have mobile app developers to thank. They’re the ones who create the applications for our smartphones through their knowledge of multiple programming languages. They may design internal applications for an organization, games for our mobile device, or lifestyle apps.

Mobile app developers typically obtain a software engineering or computer science degree and can expect a median salary of $72K.

Web Developer

Web developers design and create websites. They use a variety of programming languages and skills to make the front end (what the user sees) of a website attractive and appealing. They are also responsible for the technical aspects of a website such as performance, use, and layout.

Web developers can begin working while pursuing their degrees in computer science, programming, or information systems. You can expect a median salary range of $58K – $66K and higher with a master’s degree.

Software Engineer

Software engineers design and develop the software used by us to play games, run our businesses, or network online. Because virtually every industry needs computer software to be successful, software engineers are always in high demand. They’re regularly updating and maintaining software solutions to ensure security, accessibility, speed, and more. As a software engineer, you’ll work on teams of different sizes to develop and implement software.

Software engineers can expect a median salary of $81K after obtaining their degree in computer science, computer programming, or computer engineering.

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