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Introducing Talent Path Technology Tracks! If you’re like tens of thousands of young graduates we know, you’ve accomplished a great deal. You’ve worked to complete your degree, you’ve gained a lot of important skills that make you a valuable resource for any employer, but you find your studies haven’t given you the ‘experience’ you need for a great first job in technology.

Here’s the catch: to get those technology jobs – jobs that pay attractive salaries and provide numerous paths for growth and advancement – you need direct experience with the exact technologies that are core to employers’ businesses. So, you could go to graduate school. But, few graduate schools are actually teaching these technologies. And, who wants to take out more student loans? You want a job now, you want the experience now, and you want access to the kinds of real-world business challenges you’ve only read about in books.

How Can We Help?

Talent Path Tracks Designed For You

Technology is increasingly bolstering every business process, and every product and service. Did you know that there are currently millions of unfilled technology jobs? While you may not have experience with the specific technologies employers are demanding, you have the ability to learn these technologies quickly.

Talent Path technology tracks are immersive, intensive training programs in a real-world work environment where students are trained on the exact technologies specific employers are demanding. Technology tracks take approximately 90 days and provide students with a combination of traditional training and real-world business projects from our clients.

  • The most highly sought after developers in the country
  • Web application and mobile app development
  • Objects, methods, packages, html and jsp
  • Novel technology unlocking solutions to many industry problems
  • Technology, applications, governance and use cases
  • Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, tokens and keys
  • JavaScript frameworks for fast efficient development
  • How and when to use, why, reusability
  • MVC, UI, templates, web applications
  • New technologies allow employers to collect more data than ever
  • The key is to filter and interpret data to identify problems and tell stories
  • Excel, SQL, Tableau, PowerBI, Spotfire
  • Characterized by adopting a process approach towards management, focusing on customer needs and IT services for customers
  • Stakeholders, process design, execution, lifecycle, improvement
  • ITSL, ITSOM, ServiceNow, Zendesk, Jira
  • Business-critical systems and platforms are now hosted in the cloud
  • Data services, application development, migration and administration
  • Virtual machines, Azure, AWS, Google infrastructure

Reverse Graduate School. Don't Pay. Get Paid.

Student loan debt is at a record high. The average American college graduate who takes out student loans owes nearly $40,000 upon graduation. The last thing you want to do is take out additional loans with the hope of getting a good first job.

Talent Path provides college graduates with a better deal. Rather than paying for graduate school, get paid to be trained on in-demand technologies.

Before you start your Talent Path, you’re hired as an employee and paid for every hour you’re on your technology track. Then, when you complete your training and are placed at our client, you continue to be paid, although at a much higher rate.

Make a better decision for your future. Don’t pay to go to graduate school. Get paid.

Common Reasons To Turn To Talent Path

  • Can’t get the needed technology experience to launch your technology career
  • Lack the needed technology skills
  • Willing to dedicate yourself and learn, but can’t get a chance
  • Don’t know enough about technology and need to learn
  • Don’t know which areas of technology fit you best
  • Need a partner that is invested in and delivers on your success
  • Can’t afford more school

How It Works? Technology and Career

We have built curriculum across a variety of technology roles in both emerging and critical technology skills. These are the very skills employers want to hire today, but simply can’t find. Our approach is simple – we recruit and hire select graduates with an interest and potential in technology, we train them in specific technology skills, and we provide long-term assignments immediately following completion of the training. We are beyond an education program, we are mentors, guides, a partner for your career and we are invested in your success.

Don't Pay to go to Graduate School. Get paid.

Talent Path is an intensive “graduate school”-like program where not only is there no tuition, you’re hired and paid from the first day of your technology track. When the technology skills you’re learning are so in-demand, why should you pay?

Upon Completion

Upon completion of the 90-day technology track, associates are placed in a great job with a leading employer – a great first step on your professional journey.