As the pace of change in the digital economy increases, the job of colleges and universities in preparing students for careers is becoming more difficult.

Talent Path is your “last mile” education partner helping you and your students bridge the gap between graduation and career.

Our technology tracks are aligned with real marketplace opportunity
Our consultants are placed in roles appropriate to their skill level right away
A great way to fight the trend of graduate underemployment
We are committed to fostering diversity in STEM through our programs
Zero cost to the university partner or its graduates to participate



Exhaustive, multi-dimensional screening process identifies top candidates with both the aptitude and grit to succeed.


12-week immersive learning in core technology and consulting fundamentals provided by professional trainers and real-world technologists.


Our work-ready, certified consultants are placed on assignment with our employer partners doing relevant and rewarding work.


Upon completion of their Talent Path commitment, these proven resources are available to join our employer partners as full-time employees.

The technology skills gap between colleges and employers is real – and it impacts entry level talent most of all. Just because today’s students are digital natives – because they’re facile with their iPhone or Spotify – does not mean they know how to code or operate a sophisticated business software platform. Talent Path helps close that gap by connecting your graduates with the technologies they need to successfully launch their careers.

You’ve equipped your students with the critical thinking skills and fundamental knowledge they need to be successful long term. But the relatively unclear paths into today’s and tomorrow’s high-growth technology jobs leave a gap between the graduate and these roles. Talent Path provides the “last mile” solution, building atop the core skills you’ve inculcated and putting graduates on a clear path to sought-after technology careers.

Partner with us to bring a new dimension of value and opportunity to your students and graduates.

“A recent report issued by Burning Glass and the Strada Institute finds that 43% of recent college graduates are underemployed in their first job out of college. Of those, two-thirds are still underemployed after five years, and just over half remain so after ten years. By contrast, just one in ten graduates who land a first job appropriate to their skill level slip into underemployment after five years.”

– Preston Cooper, Forbes, ‘Underemployment Persists Throughout College Graduates’ Careers’

Program Features
  • Absolutely no cost to university partners or recent graduates (in fact, graduates are paid from day one)
  • We hire and train them – so they can commit to and stay focused on learning
  • Immersive, hands-on technology and consulting learning experience delivered by proven instructors and accomplished technologists
  • Contact hours equivalent to approximately 11 courses – roughly the same as many masters programs
  • A practical approach to learning that blends traditional training with simulations and real-world business projects
  • Curriculum covers everything from the technology itself to how to work within their target function and navigate the work environment
  • Talent Path consultants leave the immersive learning program with a complete skill set – both core and power skills – and ready for assignments with some of the world’s most recognizable brands

University Partners

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As we all monitor the developing situation around coronavirus (COVID-19), our customer service commitment to our clients, consultants and communities remains at the highest level.  Talent Path is committed to supporting you throughout this global crisis and time of heightened stress and uncertainty. 

We are an innovative supplier of talent that thrives on providing customized solutions for those we support. Relationships Matter, and the relationships we have developed with our consultants, clients and employees are at the heart of our business. We will continue to offer support, guidance, and updates to our consultants, clients and employees as we navigate the challenges ahead.

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