Week 10: Angular / React – Software Engineering Track

by Kevin Baktiar, Software Engineer, Talent Path

What I like most about Talent Path is the in-depth training that we go through and the close ties that we build with our instructors. Through codealongs, I get that one-on-one learning from our instructor that we get to implement and put towards working on projects using JavaScript, React, and more.

During Week 10, we continued a project that we were working on for the last few weeks that involved creating a message board application. This was basically like a forum where we were able to create new posts, write comments, and interact with one another. While we were working on this, Week 10 is when we added an authentication feature. With this feature, we were able to add usernames, emails, and passwords for individual users.

On the client side, we created log in information to create an account for users to be able to post their own messages. While on the server side, we implemented this in the database as well as added some in-depth features, such as password protection to make it more secure for the user. Therefore, if the user creates an account, it is secure enough for them so that others can’t hack into the message board application and pull their information. For the authentication feature, we implemented JavaScript libraries, such as JWT and Passport. JWT creates a web token for a unique ID for each specific user, giving them their own identifier. We used the Passport JavaScript library for verifying those tokens, which means that it verifies users logging in or creating an account.

Another beneficial part of Week 10 was when we had a visit from a client. We got to present our two major projects that we worked on in front of them. One project was called YaMovie and was created as a movie match-making application where people go to the app to browse movies and talk to a chatbot for suggestions. The app narrows down your preferences and outputs a list of movies with information, ratings, streaming services, etc. to match you with the best one. The other project was Aura, which was created as a Yelp alternative to help people find places nearby based on the aura. It narrows down the results based on what vibe a person is feeling and provides them with the best places for them. After presenting, the client gave us great feedback on what they thought of our applications. They also shared information on their business, the technology field, open positions at their company, and their company culture.

Talent Path placed me in a real work environment to expose myself to what it’s like to work in a technology project culture while dealing with project managers, reporting to scrum masters, and building relationships and communicating with coworkers. It was helpful getting to dive deep into agile development, such as working in two-week intervals, meeting deadlines, and presenting projects to potential clients or shareholders.

I was provided with the training and latest technologies that most colleges won’t teach you due to lack of resources or curriculum. Our instructors are up-to-date on the latest technologies and are very knowledgeable of the technology field. I am looking forward to being placed in a technology position after the program. I wish that more people are able to join this journey because it’s been a great help in my technology career and I loved it since day one.

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