Week 3: Angular / React – Software Engineering Track

by Jonathan Azali

“People fear public speaking more than they fear death” this was the first thing Julie Olson said when she came to Los Angeles to teach us about consulting and “soft skills”. I’ve always believed that software engineers would never have to use “soft skills” in their job because we usually keep to ourselves and prefer developing applications on our own. But this is a week that changed my mind about the importance of “soft skills”.

She opened her first lesson to us with each of us doing research on a company and then conducting a presentation on what the company is and why you would want to work there. I was thinking, “hmm easy enough”. But the next day, we were taking on a massive project where we did the following: extensive research of competitors and the company, preparations for a presentation, and adaption to changing environments. This was the first time where I worked in a group with my fellow colleagues of cohort 3 and in the end, we produced a substantial result with our presentation followed by critique from Julie. She also taught us how to be great listeners when we received visits from representatives of Talent Path.

On the last couple days, we applied what we learned about consulting and “soft skills” into another presentation doing a project proposal about the Talent Path website, trying to make it more efficient and effective. We did this project as a group, we were able to learn about each other’s weaknesses, strengths, and cohesiveness throughout the project.

At the end of the week, Julie gave each of us a personal review and improvement suggestions. I was terrified of week 3, I believe most of the cohort was terrified of the challenge, but with each other’s support and Julie’s help we were able to make the most out of week 3 and develop important skills that we would continuously improve upon. I’m grateful for the opportunity to embrace “soft skills” and getting over my fear of public speaking.

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