Week 3 of Talent Path – Development Applications, Networking and Mentorship

Week 3
by Seth Etienne

Welcome to week 3 at Talent Path. This is such a unique opportunity to have next step to get to their career path. There are many options out there from bootcamps to post graduate work, but Talent Path brought me technical, functional, business, industry training and has a job for me right from the start.

This week our team was exposed to several different professional development applications for a Business Analyst and business professional. For any occupation, the importance of networking is paramount. We were given tools and tips to improve our LinkedIn and social media platforms. Personally, my LinkedIn network tripled in a matter of weeks after professionally updating my LinkedIn.

We were challenged to describe what will make us a successful Business Analyst. We were given the tools to become individuals with leadership, communication, and uniting skills that helps overall productivity. Weekly, we are exposed to speakers that are C level executives, investors, mangers, and stakeholders. A common theme was to find mentorship with individuals that are in the position that you inspire to be. We were given the tools to ask the right question to help advance as a professional.

It is so impressive that we are going beyond the technical and into the skills that we need to be prepared for the real-world work environment. From presentation skills to communication skills to business skills and processes and more, I am already feeling ready for our new role.


About Talent Path

Talent Path brings the technology training & education of career-minded people together with clients in need of technology professionals for the long-term success of their companies. We hire top graduates in key academic disciplines, then provide them with specific “Last Mile Training” in critical and hard-to-find technology skillsets. Talent Path graduates are work ready day one and able to step into roles with companies looking for technical resources with key technology skills.

Talent Path, is a division of Genuent, one of the nation’s leading technology staffing & solutions firms focused on driving the careers of masterful technologists. Founded in 2006, we have played a key role in sourcing, staffing, hiring, and developing technology resources within clients of all sizes and industries.