Week 6: Angular / React – Software Engineering Track

by Ivy Lim, Software Engineer, Talent Path

Woah we’re halfway there! Talent Path has been flying by. This marks the halfway point of our training period and we have officially gone fullstack. This week, we created a full-stack message board app, we continued to work on our group projects, presented to the Genuent sales team, practice improv presentations, and started utilizing the Pokémon API to create a React app.

The message board app we created this week was built on what we did last week. Last week, we generated the data from our frontend to persist on the backend. This week, we hosted our backend data on Heroku, a platform as a service site and reworked the front-end from web components to a react app. It was super cool to see everything come together. Learning the backend showed us how the frontend connects. We saw the importance of making sure that data is labeled properly when passing to the server, so they are stored properly. We were able to show our group projects to the Genuent sales team and get their feedback.

The Genuent sales team are the people working with companies to get us placed. It was nice to have them in and provide feedback on our group projects and share their experiences with what companies want. We also went to dinner with the Genuent sales team and got to share our experiences, as well as our interests. They were all super nice and helpful wanting to work with us to find a good fit. While I am still nervous about what company I might be placed at, it was reassuring knowing that the Genuent team cares about our interests. The feedback the Genuent team provided on our group projects was helpful because it brought in an outside user’s perspective as well as business sense.

I think the group projects provide the most value from our experience here because we are not only applying the soft skills and coding skills we are learning, but we are gaining real life experiences. My group was reminded of the importance of communication. We had one team member out sick for most of the week and had to adapt and be agile to accommodate. People miss work in the workplace, and we had to adapt as a team to complete the work that needed to get done.

The on the fly presentations were a bit confusing for me this week. It was a combination of improv and presenting to a client. It was good presentation experience, but it was not really applicable to what we should expect in the workplace since we would not present to a client without being prepared. The improv situations were added pressure since we did not prepare and we still had to treat the situation in a business manner as if we were prepared. Some issues that the added pressure caused were that we were more critical of the websites, but could not provide a good alternative solution. For me, I ended up on Animo.com, a social network community site. The critique I had was that it was very busy. Imagine Facebook newsfeeds on the left and right, side columns, but the middle panels are all someone’s page with a scrolling text overlay of new comments. It was quite overwhelming so what I would have changed is to separate out some of the content to a different page or view.

I am looking forward to next week since we get to continue working on the React app using the Pokemon API. This week, we created a rough wireframe of what the application should look like. For the assignment, we need to see details about individual Pokémon such as stats, moves, the sprite, and type. We also need a display to show the 6 Pokémon that are in our team. We are working with partners for this assignment and I cannot wait to continue this next week.

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