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Week 6 of Talent Path – The Science in Creating Data Visualization

Week 6
by Vicki Nguyen

Data is everywhere! It is constantly around us and gathering every second. But, what do you do with all this data. Before beginning with The Talent Path, I never realized the importance of displaying your data. I always thought that displaying data always meant putting it in something that made sense and looked nice. However, when we approached the topic of data visualization, I realized that I was incorrect in my rationale. What I learned was that there was a science when creating data visualization and there were specific technologies in place, like Power BI and Tableau, to do just that.  

At the beginning of the week, we looked at the several different published visualizations, good and bad ones, to get an idea of what we can incorporate in our own creation, as well as what not to do and avoid. We also got the opportunity to analyze the bad visualizations and came up with ideas to make them better, whether it was the colors, adding labels, or using a different graph altogether. From there, we learned about types of data visualizations, exploratory and explanatory. Once we got any idea what we can do, the class created their own visualization in excel from the data that was used for SQL and presented it in the class. Our creations were critiqued by the team, and we got the chance to improve our visualizations based on the feedback. After that, we got to dive into Power BI, and create our own visualization and dashboards, which was just amazing.  

After going over the topic and using the software, I now understand the importance of making a visualization that the audience can perceive with a glance; how colors, shapes and words make such an impact in seconds. Also, knowing what your audience is looking for can help to shape the presentation and its focus., as well as using those visuals to answer client questions. Honestly, I wish that this was taught to me while I was going to school or at least made apparent, because although we did have a class that briefly went over excel, I feel that there was so much more that should have been focused on. This is one of the reason why I think The Talent Path is so awesome. The program teaches you the things that you need to know, like the professional skill and the technical skill, as well as exposing the class to the popularly used programs.

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