Week 7 of Talent Path – The Importance of Performance Appraisals and Goals

Week 6
by Sally Chiu

How often do you get feedback? How is it given to you? What should you do with the feedback and last what defines solid goals? Performance appraisals and goals are necessary for the work environment because it is important to keep track of your performance and measure how well you are completing your goals. These appraisals were important to me and my teammates because we recently had our first performance review. We went through the first month of the program and we met with our instructor individually to review our fixed, flexible and professional goals. We also did a peer evaluation of each other, more specifically the people we sat and worked with most.

In our individual performance review, we went over the specifics of each goal and how it pertained to each of us. Each having a personalized review, we self-evaluated how well we are performing in the program. In our fixed goals, we went through our individual performance and advancement, collaboration, trust and integrity, consulting service, and professional development. In our flexible goals, we focused on communication, ownership and work ethic. There can be many attributes added onto this list, but with these three, we went into detail. For our professional goals, we created 2-3 SMART goals for ourselves. SMART goal setting, which stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time Based, is an effective process for setting and achieving your business goals. We were assessed on a range of 1-5, 1 being unsatisfactory and 5 as outstanding.

These performance reviews allow us to be aware of what we need to accomplish. If we are lacking in a certain area, we can focus and work upon that goal. This is to better ourselves in the work environment as well as professionally. If we excel in one aspect, we gain confidence in our work, thus leading to better outputs.

Peer evaluations are also significant in this process because we are around each other every day for the entire 9 hours (including lunch). There are some aspects that our instructors might not notice that our peers do. They also understand because they are going through the same program; therefore, their opinions matter. Their constructive criticism allows us to focus on the areas we are lacking within the program as well as the strengths and the leadership we share with each other. We learned how effective feedback is and I have personally seen growth within my peers through feedback. We keep each other accountable with our goals and we realize how important growth is with each other.

This program is all encompassing. There is really nothing we are not going into.

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