Week 8 of Talent Path – The Significance of Team Bonding

Week 8
by Deniz Felsman

For anyone following our progress, we are in week 8, but I asked if I could take this article another direction and cover from beginning to now. I really wanted to talk about team bonding. We began our training as the first group of the Talent Path on July 9th. Upon walking in, all preconceived notions about the environment were washed away. Desks were set up to generate conversation, as we sit at round tables in groups of four. Immediately, everyone introduced themselves and natural conversation flowed among people at the same table. This natural bonding served as a strong foundation for teamwork in the weeks to follow. To reinforce and strengthen the bonds that had already began to form, the instructors at the Talent Path took the team out to do various group activities outside of training. Group ventures to Whole Foods for lunch, happy hour events, and even a day trip to the science museum helped everyone become more comfortable not only with the members of their table, but with everyone in the program.

Beginning on the first day, we delved into group projects. We relied on each other from the start. We were given team projects to complete, followed up by group presentations. This helped continuously strengthen bonds and friendships and built trust between members as everyone began to see individual talents and build on them. To keep the entire team involved, feedback was given out by other tables to each group. It never felt like each table was an island. In between team projects and presentations, everyone’s talents were assessed and challenged. We gave individual feedback and as a group of twelve trying to hone our skills and impress our instructors and potential clients, we strive to build each other up. A certain trust is built when you are giving truthful feedback and constructive criticism to improve someone else.

At the beginning of week 4, we were all shocked. They changed the table groups! Suddenly, everyone had a different team at another table. We had to adapt and forge new bonds, assess new talents and settle into new roles. It went smoothly and taught us all a valuable lesson for the real world. You will always have to work with different kinds of people and learn how to find strengths in new people to achieve goals and deliver quality work. This group swap worked for the best. Not only did we all maintain strong bonds with our old teams, we forged new friendships and bonds with our new tablemates.

This team is functioning like a well-oiled machine.

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