Week 9: Angular / React – Software Engineering Track

by Ervin Mitra, Software Engineer, Talent Path

Week 9 at Talent Path was a complete learning experience. We worked on a wide array of topics including React, Redux, and JavaScript. One of the main reasons why I was originally interested in Talent Path was because I knew how heavy into JavaScript they are. I wanted to learn more about JavaScript, as this is what the technology job market is looking for these days.

For part of week 9, I continued working on a project with team Aura on creating a Yelp-like application that allows a user to select a place based off their current mood. Aura is a browser application that allows a user to select a restaurant, bar, café based off the mood or ‘aura’ that they are feeling. I had been working on the servers for this project since week 5, when we originally started it, but things finally started speeding up in the frontend after learning more about React and Redux this week. We used our JavaScript skills to build it, while using React on the frontend and NodeJs, ExpressJs, and MongoDB on the backend. I worked on the backend and helped program our server infrastructure. For those of you that don’t know, NodeJs is the runtime server that we used for it. ExpressJs is a framework built on top of NodeJs to conveniently create middleware, routers and etc. and MongoDB is the database we use to store the data.

We also learned more this week about React and Redux through the help of our instructor and doing codealongs with him. During this process, he would code and explain his thought process and we would watch him and follow along. Redux is an open-source library for managing application state and is mostly used with libraries such as React or Angular for building user interfaces. This was especially helpful to learn and aided our success in creating applications such as Aura or like the Pokémon app that we created where we were able to select up to six different Pokémons and store them on our team.

I got to learn a lot about asynchronous JavaScript, ‘promises’, ‘async/await’, and basically anything to avoid nested callbacks (callback hell), therefore making the code easier to follow along and read. I also got more practice with the Node server architectures in relation with its databases, controllers, routers and security. For anyone considering enrolling in this program, I definitely recommend you study up on asynchronous JavaScript and learn as much as you can about git (or any version control) workflows. While prior JavaScript experience is not necessary, it is helpful for interviews. If you want to gain these skills to succeed in your technology career, you will for sure have a focus on JavaScript, HTML, CSS during your time here.

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