Power BI

Week 9 of Talent Path – The Power of BI

Week 9
by Ben Quach

Week 9 of the Talent Path was probably the most interesting week for me. We got to finally work with data visualization! I learned so much throughout this week of Power BI.

I have only heard of Power BI, I have never used it. By the end of the third day, I felt like I could make dashboards easily!

Here is an example of a dashboard that I made. This gives you the list of states that you would want to see. So, for example, if you want to see “Texas” you simply click Texas in the slicer, the graphs would auto populate and show you the data that correlates to Texas.

As a recap, we have learned what it takes to be a solid business analyst, investigating what the business requirements are for any given project. We have learned to question and uncover. We have learned the power of strong business skills, communication skills, technical knowledge, and more. We have learned to utilize the technology to pull the data we need and to build the data visualizations required to help our company get to great decisions and drive business. I keep waiting for someone to tell me what we have missed, but we just keep getting deeper into it. This program does not seem to miss a beat.

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