Where is your technology career going?

by Saboor Salahuddin

Where is your technology career going? Do you know how you are going to get there? If not, an immersive technology training program should be your go-to.

I chose Talent Path because of the people involved and the amount of professional and personal investment that they were ready to put into us. I wanted the immersive technology training that Talent Path provides but wanted a technology career even more. Through Talent Path, I was able to learn both technical skills and soft skills to enhance my abilities as a business analyst. We learned many technical skills including SQL, Power BI, and Tableau to help us analyze data and find insight. We worked on various soft skills such as public speaking, communication, and teamwork. The balance between technical skills and soft skills has really helped us to create a well-rounded foundation to begin our technology careers.

The team at Talent Path spent the time to help us discover our areas of strength and hone our weaker areas. Along with this, the opportunity to meet so many different people within the business world and the opportunities we are presented really helped to give me more reason to choose Talent Path.

Now that our immersive technology training is over, I know the STEM skills we’ve learned over the past 3 months is really going help in the trajectory of our consulting careers. Within the next few months, I hope to provide clients insight into their business and help add value to improve their business process.

My decision to join this program is being refortified every day. There are many options out there from bootcamps to post graduate work, but Talent Path brought me technical, functional, business, industry training and has a job for me right from the start.

About Talent Path
Talent Path brings last-mile education for early career talent together with clients in need of technology professionals to fill critical roles. We hire top graduates in key academic disciplines, then provide them with specific learning experiences in sought-after technology skill sets. Talent Path consultants are work ready day one and able to step into roles possessing both the technical and power skills to succeed long term.

Talent Path is a division of Genuent, one of the nation’s leading technology staffing & solutions firms. Founded in 2006, Genuent has played a key role in sourcing, staffing, hiring, and developing technology resources within clients of all sizes and industries.

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As we all monitor the developing situation around coronavirus (COVID-19), our customer service commitment to our clients, consultants and communities remains at the highest level.  Talent Path is committed to supporting you throughout this global crisis and time of heightened stress and uncertainty. 

We are an innovative supplier of talent that thrives on providing customized solutions for those we support. Relationships Matter, and the relationships we have developed with our consultants, clients and employees are at the heart of our business. We will continue to offer support, guidance, and updates to our consultants, clients and employees as we navigate the challenges ahead.

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